I want to be good enough

I’ve been trying so hard to be the one that does things right. The one people want around. A good worker, friend, girlfriend. I’m trying to be better and be happy. I want someone to be happy with me. I want passion and love. I want someone to be excited to see me, throw me against a wall, kiss me like they fucking mean it. I want that feeling that I’m important, that I’m wanted emotionally and physically. Its horrible to feel like you have so much love and care for someone and it all gets ignored. I’m tired of being unnoticed. When is it my turn? I  feel like I try and try and no one can care less. I want to be appreciated,  It was very hard for me to get where I am! Why doesn’t anyone see that? I’m tired of being put down. I try and I’m never enough for anyone.I want someone to just fucking be happy with me, want to be with me.  I want someone to want to be around me. But in the end, they all leave… They always do. 

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